Tech & Facilities  



Note£ºWe have the warehouse has a collection of commands that can be run from the console to perform various administrative tasks.


Name£ºworkshop Inside

Note£ºThe Workshop objective is to discuss the state of the art on in situ characterisation and monitoring of nanoporous materials,The Workshop will contribute to the spread of scientific knowledge.


Name£ºNew model

Note£ºOur experienced R&D department provides five to 10 new models every month. Working to develop stylish products in line with both market trends and buyers¡¯ requirements, this division also solves technical problems, explores new opportunities and introduces innovative new designs.


Name£ºWorkshop Outside

Note£ºThe factory covers 60,000 square meters, has the modernized workshop 45,000 square meters, more than 200 workers, including 20% technology staff and the outstanding management personnels.



Note£ºThe factory is near to HuHangYong high speed way and Hang Jinqu high speed way exits. It is only 15 kilometers to Hangzhou International Airport, extremely convenient to arrive in Shanghai and the Ningbo port.


Name£ºHead Office

Note£ºThe Head office is located on 22nd floor of Taifu Square, Hangzhou. It¡¯s cover areas ranging from production to distribution, finance and accounting, and everything in between, including merchandising jobs, press, marketing, events and promotions.