CEO Address

We have already worked in sanitary field more than 20 years since XiaoShan sanitation equipment factory was set up in1982.Looking back the days in business ,I appreciate every friends and customers and staff¡¯s strong support very much .It is just because their hard work, innovation, trying to solve difficulty , Hengfang company can reach present size. At the end of 2005 company¡¯s real estate investment is up to ten million RMB, the sum of year¡¯s sales is up to fifty million RMB. I always perseveringly look for a suitable way to keep Hengfang developing. I know existing achievement only prove past, the glorious foreground will still need the sweat, wise brains, everyone¡¯s hard work and support. My employees and I are concentrating on a creation of rich vigorous business enterprise management style with tremendous of enthusiasm, concentrating on development and innovation of product, setting up reasonable structure of talented personnel troops, perfecting before-sales, in-sales and after-sales service. I know deeply if we want to outshine others in the fierce competition, we must continue to abide by HengFang¡¯s cultural principle: the trustworthiness and responsibility, develop principle of creating a top-grade, follow the principle of management: existence against quality, attracting customers by trustworthiness, carry out behaviour thought: incorporation, work hard, t be practical, efficient, all-directions serve customer, exert staff¡¯s enthusiasm with maximum limit

About HengFang¡¯s future I have strong will and decision to make it better and better--- base on Zhejiang, spread widely China, sell in worldwide market. It isn't the simple growth of sale sum and fixed assets, it is my conduct and actions thought, it is my commitment to employee and society as an industry person who has high sense of responsibility . When doing business I am not satisfied with getting myself rich, more than that ,I want to thank society and return country. According to this simple ideal, I always keep working actively, constructing perseveringly, devoting to the customer, taking good care of the employees, being responsible for the enterprise.

I hope eagerly that the friends from every circle can offer me good advises about our work and management, expect people with ideal, artistic talent, great ambition to join HengFang------this solid efficient troop, make HengFang company develop healthly ,continually, stablely. I believe that HengFang will have a more bright future, with customer friends¡¯ concern , employees¡¯ hard work and joint effort.